What Do You Wish Was a More Popular Blog Topic?

I just concluded another poll asking readers which television show they were enjoying most -- I will mention the results in my upcoming mid-season TV report.  For now, let's chat about my new poll in which I ask, "About what topic do you wish bloggers wrote more?"  Place your vote now, and feel free to add a comment or two if you wish.

And, no, sorry, there is no option for "None, there are too many bloggers writing too much crap out there," although in some cases that might be a valid point.

While there are thousands of bloggers typing away, some more frequently than others, some better than others, almost every known topic seems to have blog posts about it.  So which area do you think is being underserved?

And while some topics, like entertainment and politics, seem to make up the bulk of blogosphere conversations, if you are a fan of those topics, you likely can never get enough and hope there was even more quality content on those themes out there.

So let me know what you think.  Do you want to see more blog entries about theater, about books, about food, about nature?  Do you prefer broader topics like "pop culture" or "religion," or do you prefer narrower, more specific topics like apocalyptic fiction or haiku poetry? 

The polls are open.