Balancing the Important Things in Life

It's not easy to juggle work, chores, a social life with family and friends, and all those activities that fulfill our passions.  As we get older it seems that more and more responsibilities take up the hours of our day, leaving less leisure time to pursue everything we want to do.  This seems especially true if you have an interest in the arts, which are notoriously known for not providing a big monetary return on your investment of time, energy, and effort.  But the rewards for anything related to the arts should be measured by so much more than money alone. 

For me, writing, drawing, acting, reading, watching entertainment, going to a museum, and all those other aspects of the realm known as art (whether highbrow or lowbrow) provide me with emotional, mental, and spiritual fulfillment, without which I think I would be a shell of who I am.  Likewise, other leisure activities which might not exactly fall into the category of "art" like watching sports or playing a board game with my loved ones brings me much needed bliss. 

We all have to find the time to add that balance to our lives.  The joy, the relaxation, the spark of creativity, the replenishment of energy and motivation, all carry over into the rest of our lives, from our relationships to our day jobs, even to our health and overall well-being.

We seem to live in a world where some people downplay the value of art and leisure.  We should never forget how important such things are to civilization in a broad sense and to our own peace and sanity in an individual sense.

So if work is stressing you out, if you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, if you feel like you've been running uphill with no end in sight, take a deep breath, try to find some time for yourself (however brief it may be), and do something you love -- paint a picture, flip through your old baseball card collection, go for a quiet walk, listen to an old favorite song you haven't had the chance to hear in a while, treat yourself to a meal at a nice restaurant you always wanted to try, whatever it might be.  Take a break and savor the art and beauty in life, and then you'll realize that such things are all around you all the time.  That realization will make it easier to add that balance to your life.