Boston Rob Returns Again to Survivor

Rob Mariano, better known as "Boston Rob," has competed in three seasons of the hit reality show Survivor and is now returning for a fourth, the upcoming Survivor: Redemption Island.  Even though he has never won the big prize, I am rooting for him to be victorious this time around.  He and his wife Amber, whom he met during his first stint as a castaway, also competed as a team on Amazing Race and had other television appearances.

Boston Rob started out as a villain, but his humor and charming personality have made him a fan favorite.  He will have the chance now to compete again against his rival Russell Hantz, the so-called "evil mastermind" who has come close to winning Survivor, but whose flawed social game has caused him to miss out on the final huge monetary award.

Reality stars have sort of become like fictional characters for viewers to cheer and boo.  Personally, I hope Boston Rob finally wins it all.


Anonymous said…
Rob and Amber didn't meet on Rob's first stint as a castaway. It was actually on his second stint, the All Stars show, also Amber's second appearance which she eventually won it all.
Nick said…
Thanks for the correction!