Bravo to PBS for Airing Pioneers of Television

Public television has its supporters and its detractors.  I've argued before that even though the ever-expanding new media outlets might be making public broadcast television obsolete, there are still great shows on PBS that you still cannot find on commercial network TV or pay channels.  Pioneers of Television is just the latest greatest example.

I have been really enjoying its second season as the documentary show continues to explore popular television genres, showcasing clips from classic programs and insightful interviews with legendary stars and showrunners.  Pioneers of Television does a fine job of highlighting the groundbreaking developments in the history of the medium, proving that it had many positive cultural impacts on top of all the negatives associated with the boob tube. 

Last season, Pioneers of Television looked at "Late Night" shows, "Sitcoms," and "Variety" programs.  This new season is even better, with episodes chronicling the TV history of "Science Fiction," "Crime Dramas," "Westerns," and "Local Kids' TV." 

While other networks have aired retrospectives on television (VH1 and TV Land come quickly to mind), this PBS series is heads and shoulders above what I have seen before, both in substance and execution.  It is an intelligent and entertaining examination of the origins of TV genres and the key moments in television history.  If you have the chance, tune in and enjoy.