Looking Back, Looking Forward

A new year begins, full of hope and possibility.  The previous year had some bitter moments, but also some truly memorable ones as well.  In movies, Inception and Toy Story 3 were fine examples of original storytelling at its finest and most imaginative. On the other extreme, Clint Eastwood's Hereafter was a huge, boring disappointment.  In television, The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire proved that TV could provide solid, invigorating entertainment, while shows like The Event sadly failed to live up to expectations.  In books, I read The Passage by Justin Cronin (review coming soon), among many others.  In music, I continued to guiltily enjoy the tunes of Katy Perry.  In theater, I was recently thrilled by Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Each January 1st, I eagerly await what the new year has to bring.  I hope for the best and pray that the worst won't be all that bad.  In 2011, I look forward to Steven Spielberg's new dinosaur TV show, Terra Nova.  In movies, we have Thor and Captain America coming our way.  In theater, Wonderland will re-examine Lewis Carroll's Alice and her adventures in the worlds down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass in contemporary musical fashion. 

I hope you all have a terrific new year, and may we all continue to find delight and enlightenment in all the things around us.