Measuring My Most Popular Blog Entries

I wanted to track the most popular blog entries on my blog and it has turned into an interesting experiment.  Using statistics from Google Analytics and using Open Salon's "Popularity" rankings, I have two separate completely different lists. 

My original blog, City of Kik, is on Google's Blogger network, so Google Analytics provides a lot of data about visitation to my site, demographic information, and trends.  My blog is also featured on Open Salon, which offers a ranking system based on a combination of Page Views, number of Comments, and Editor Picks.

It's interesting to see the differences in the two measurements of so-called "popularity."  In my opinion, the list from OS seems to be the essays that I consider much more creative, ones that I'm much more proud of showcasing.  The stats from Google Analytics seem to point to the much more matter-of-fact essays I wrote -- news items, lists, reviews. 

The most popular entry on my Google list by a long, long margin (in the tens of thousands of page views) was a post I did about pop star Katy Perry.  My most popular entry on OS was a piece I wrote about the over-use of profanity in society, which generated a lot of hits and over 100 comments (more than anything else I've written).

Here are my top blog entries from each source:

According to Google Analytics:

Defending Katy Perry

A Look at Werewolves from Wolf Man to New Moon

The Many Faces of Superman

Dark Tower Movie Trilogy and TV Series Confirmed

Why I Love Baseball

20 Years After Home Alone

Why Gene Simmons Should Be the Next American Idol Judge

The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary

MonsterQuest Marathon

America: The Story of Us

According to Open Salon:

Most Profanity is Just a Sign of Laziness

A Year on OS and Some of the Writers Who Inspire Me

The Ironic Struggles of Blockbuster Video

Movie Ideas Based on Children's Classics

Great Female Action Characters

A Dozen of the Greatest Animated Movies of All Time

The Greatest Movie John Hughes Ever Made

Best Baseball Movies

Conan O'Brien is Not the Bad Guy

Stop Cluttering Up My TV Screen

The Ethics of Posthumous Publishing

How Old is Too Old for Superman?

So it seems on OS, the more opinionated and personal I get, the more I'm rewarded.  And it seems on Blogger, the more "just the facts, ma'am" I write, the more people find me via search engines, etc.  Interesting, very interesting.