Check Out the Blogs of My Students

The students in the university class I'm teaching, "Writing for Online Media," have created some impressive Web logs.  The topics are very diverse -- everything from food to travel to movies to politics to pop culture.  Some are writing about technology, some are blogging personal diaries.  One is a photo blog with commentary and another is a fantasy narrative blog. 

Here's a link to them.  Feel free to leave a comment or two.


Book Worm in a Finance World

Bronx Bliss

Bronx Eye

Bu0n Gusto

Cavanaughty's Sports Blog

Coffee Break

Empire Sports


Fantastical Forum

For Reels

It's a Blog About What I Like

Navigating Through the Sandstorm

News and Brews

No More Sleeping In


The Urban Tourist

To Stay or To Go?

The semester is still young, so I look forward to seeing what they have in store, but so far it's an excellent start by all.  What do you think?


Andrew said…
I'm impressed by your students' blogs. Either they're all smart or they have a great teacher.