Thoughts on Another Adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand

While many Stephen King fans are eagerly anticipating the promised live-action adaptation of The Dark Tower epic for film and television, the news that Warner Bros. and CBS Films will jointly produce a new feature-length motion picture version of King's The Stand has many of us wondering, "Why?" 

The Stand is one of King's most popular achievements.  The original novel was an amazing work of post-apocalyptic fiction, and then years later King released a longer "unedited" version, which also made it on the bestseller lists.  When it comes to live-action adaptations, who can top the eight-hour mini-series directed by Mick Garris?  All those wonderful characters -- Randall Flagg, Mother Abigail, Stu Redman, Larry Underwood, Nadine Cross, Nick Andros, Frannie Goldsmith, Tom Cullen, Trashcan Man, Judge Farris, Harold Lauder, and so many others -- were brought to life in the competant hands of Jamey Sheridan, Ruby Dee, Gary Sinise, Adam Storke, Laura San Giacomo, Rob Lowe, Molly Ringwald, Bill Fagerbakke, Matt Frewer, Ossie Davis, Corin Nemec, and the rest of the cast. 

How can a two-hour movie do justice to the sweeping tale that starts with a super-flu epidemic and leads to an "end times" confrontation between good and evil?  Maybe they plan to make a series of films, but a stand-alone flick just doesn't seem to be enough to adequately convey the story.

The Stand is such a monumental work, it is understandable that other artists want to take a stab at retelling it in a new way.  Marvel Comics has been successful with its comic book adaptation and various musical acts have paid homage to the tale with songs based on it, but when it comes to a live-action version, I really feel as if we've "been there, done that." Can a new movie top the highly-rated TV mini-series? 

Maybe Hollywood feels that a new generation has forgotten or never seen the 1994 production, so it's time for a remake.  Personally, I think there are plenty other Stephen King adaptations that could benefit from a reboot.  Why mess with a classic?