Advertising or No Advertising

During my class Wednesday night, my students and I discussed corporate blogs, commercial blogs, and different types of revenue options for online writing.  Advertising is one way that bloggers can make some money.  But many, like me, choose not to have ads clutter up their blogs.  I don't like the look of ads, I don't like how they distract from my words, I don't like how for the most part I can't control the ads that would be matched with my content, and I don't want any conflicts advertisements might cause for my blog even if it's just perceptual. 

For now, I've decided to skip advertising as an option for my City of Kik blog.  Instead, I'm making a few bucks by having my blog available for subscription on  People can still read it for free on Google's Blogger (Blogspot) or on Open Salon where it's reposted every day, but readers who want to have my blog delivered instantly to their Kindles as soon as I publish a new post can subscribe to it for 99 cents a month.  Click here to check it out, or just leave a short review of my blog if you have the time.

If my readership continues to increase, advertising might be an option to explore at a later date, but for now I would rather have City of Kik ad-free.