Bits and Pieces: Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm...

One of my favorite duties when I worked at DLT Entertainment was editing the company newsletter, Bits 'n' Pieces.  It was a compilation of items about our organization, tidbits about our employees, and news coverage about some of the television shows we were syndicating.  Periodically over the years as part of my City of Kik entertainment newsgroup, I've written essays dubbed "Things That Make Me Go Hmmm..." (yes, I pilfered the title from an Arsenio Hall monologue routine) -- I basically wrote bulletpoints about minor pop culture stories that grabbed my attention.  Now, I've decided to merge the two titles for a segment that I hope will be a recurring feature on my blog.

The goal is to express my opinions on a few media current events that might not be worthy of a full blog entry, but stir my interest enough to jot down a comment or two.  "Bits and Pieces" will be an occassional column that compiles those blurbs.  Rather than just a filler entry, I hope it will have enough fragmentary fun to spur some rumination of your own as you read it.

Here's the inaugural "Bits and Pieces."

1.  A picture was released of the new Wonder Woman costume from David E. Kelley's television reboot.  At first glance, I actually thought it was artwork from the comic book.  Although I'm glad they stayed faithful to the classic look (or the modified modern look), I wish it weren't so...shiny.  Adrianne Palicki definitely looks good in latex, but the photograph looks like one of those novelty Halloween costume advertisements or a picture of fan cosplay from a science fiction convention.  Let's hope it looks better on screen when we see the actual show.

2.  Actor Michael Gough passed away at the ripe old age of 94.  I enjoyed his depiction of Alfred Pennyworth in four Batman movies, but I felt guilty that my main memory of such a fine actor was his supporting role in a comic book adaptation.  Let's face it, he didn't have much to do in those films.  His most meaty storyline was in the worst chapter in the series, Batman and Robin.  The guy had an amazing career, working in movies and TV since the 1940s!  Yet, I remember him best as the Dark Knight's butler. 

3.  The New York Times finally announced its long-rumored new business model for its popular, setting up a digital subscription plan that the newspaper industry hopes will be a successful revenue generator.  Others have pointed out its apparent loopholes, but even if it's a winner, can it be replicated by others?  After all, can small market, local newspapers compete with the global New York Times brand? 

4.  As a fan of Stephen King, I'm glad that talk of his retirement seems to finally be forgotten as he dishes out entertaining new novel after entertaining new novel.  But even I, faithful reader that I am, rolled my eyes a bit at the announcement a while ago that King is writing yet another Dark Tower book.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind seeing the return of the Gunslinger, but the series concluded in satisfying fashion after seven novels, and King himself obviously realizes that there isn't anyplace left to go -- except backwards.  The new tome will take place between his previous novels, after Wizard and Glass and before Wolves of the Calla.  King has rarely let me down, so I hope The Wind Through the Keyhole, which is what the new book is called, will prove all his doubters wrong when it's released in 2012.

5.  Kevin Costner has been cast as Jonathan Kent in the upcoming new Superman movie, joining the lovely Diane Lane as Martha Kent.  Some of my friends commented that it made them feel old seeing them as Clark's adoptive parents, but I felt older when John Schneider of The Dukes of Hazzard and Annette O'Toole (Lana Lang from Superman III) won the same roles in Smallville.  Although Costner's career has been hit or miss for me, I think he will be perfect in Zack Snyder's remake.  The casting so far seems very interesting.  Let's hope the movie lives up to the expectations.

Let me know if you have an other thoughts to flesh out these topics or if you have any other nuggets of info to add to a future blog article.