Bringing Neil Gaiman Stories to Life

One of the greatest living writers today is Neil Gaiman, so I was excited to learn last year that his classic comic book series, The Sandman, might be adapted for television.  Then, it seemed like the idea of bringing the award-winning series to life might be dead, but hope is still alive and we might see the adventures of the Lord of Dreams on our TV screens.  

Some of Gaiman's other works have been adapted already: the urban fantasy Neverwhere, which was made into a BBC television show; the movie Stardust, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes; and the stop-motion animated motion picture, Coraline.  (Gaiman has also proven his writing chops on other film and TV projects, such as Babylon 5, Beowulf, Doctor Who, MirrorMask, and Princess Mononoke.)

I hope his masterpiece, The Sandman, makes it to the screen and turns into a hit.  In the meantime, here are some other Gaiman stories that I would love to see adapted:

American Gods and Anansi Boys -- I really enjoyed these two novels.  The first focused on mythological deities usurped by new modern gods of technology, drugs, media, celebrity, consumerism, etc. The sequel book centered on the feuding sons of Mr. Nancy, the spider-like being of West African and Caribbean folklore seen in the previous novel.  I'm sure many actors will beg to be cast as Shadow, Fat Charlie, or any of the other dynamic characters in this terrific fantasy tales.

Good Omens -- This is one of my favorites, co-written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, a comedic look at the battle between good and evil during the End Times.  The book is hilarious and a live action version would be just as funny.  Unless they stray from the source material, there's no way they could screw this up (but then again, we're talking about Hollywood here.)

Odd and the Frost Giants -- If the superhero flickThor makes Norse mythology trendy again with mainstream audiences, then why not adapt this fine little tale about banished gods trying to reclaim Asgard?

Smoke and Mirrors and Fragile Things -- These collections of short stories are loaded with golden nuggets that would make great episodes of a Twilight Zone type series or as stand-alone movies or shows: "Troll Bridge," "Vampire Sestina," "Snow, Glass, Apples," "Harlequin Valentine," "Goliath," "How to Talk to Girls at Parties," just to name a few.

Interworld -- A blend of fantasy and science fiction, this novel about parallel universes, written by Gaiman and Michael Reeves, is another great story that would make a good adaptation.

If you've never read anything by Gaiman before, hunt down some of his stories and you won't be disappointed.  Otherwise, check out some of the films and shows inspired by his ideas.