The Music of Lauren Pritchard

It was the night after the Tony Awards in 2007.  My wife and I were in the audience during an amazing performance of Spring Awakening, only 24 hours after the show had won eight trophies, including Best Musical.  The air was electric, the crowd was energetic, and the actors on stage were in top form.  We had great seats across the aisle from the composer himself, Duncan Sheik. It was a production to remember. Even though I loved everyone in the cast, including Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff, John Gallagher Jr., and the rest, one particular performer stood out for me -- Lauren Pritchard who played the role of Ilse.  From her first appearance in the song "Mama Who Bore Me" to her powerful rendition of "The Dark I Know Well" through to my favorite song in the show "Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind" right up until the finale "The Song of Purple Summer," I was captivated by her voice.  (Do yourselves a favor and pick up the original cast recording.)

Now she has released a wonderful debut album called Wasted in Jackson.  It's a showcase of great songwriting displayed in soulful tunes sung with a hauntingly beautiful voice.  Click to see some of her music videos: "When the Night Kills the Day," "Painkillers," "Not the Drinking," and "Stuck."  And of course here's a video of Pritchard performing "Blue Wind." (Did I mention I love that song?)

Lauren Pritchard is an amazing talent, and her future is bright with possibilities.