My Alma Mater in the Movies

I'm curious to see the new movie which opens this weekend, The Adjustment Bureau, not just because it stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt or because it's based on a story by one of my favorite writers Philip K. Dick, but because some of it was filmed at my alma mater, Fordham University.

A bunch of movies have shot scenes on the gorgeous campus of my old school.  As my alumni e-newsletter reminded me, "The University has been the location of choice for more than a few memorable movies, including Love Story (1970), The Exorcist (1973), The Verdict (1982), Quiz Show (1994), A Beautiful Mind (2001) and, more recently, Solitary Man (2009) and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)."

Every time I see the familiar setting on the big screen, it's like seeing an old friend.  I hope location scouts continue to select Fordham University for their productions.


Seerina said…
Every time I see the trailer for this all I can think of is 'Dark City' rip off
Atlanta Roofing said…
Totally emotional. A great ride, and as you say, all about “was something keeping us apart?”. Thrilled you liked the ending. There are lots of moviegoers in this old world, and different ways to approach story. He certainly worked hard to win, no question about that. He also did a LOT of running.