My Park Avenue Elevator Operator Play

My short play, Wise Man, which was originally part of my Dream Fragments anthology, was performed Friday night as part of Darknight Productions NYC 4x4 presentation of four short plays "about New York and New Yorkers."  It was an interesting variety of genres, both comedy and drama. 

The first play, Only in New York, written and directed by Jay Fink, was a hilarious examination of modern dating in NYC, where people meet online and where next door neighbors rarely see each other.  The story was a humorous look at how technology (from the Internet to cellphones) brings us together in ways unimagined, but also often keeps us more apart than ever. The talented cast included Evan Greene as Joey, Amber Bloom as Joy, James Basile as Sal, and Lucy Apicello as Maria.

Priviliged Information, written by Kevin Clancy and directed by Adrienne Makowski, both of whom performed as the characters in the play, takes plays in an interrogation room as a jaded Federal agent tries to get information from an uncooperative school teacher about one of her friends, an Arab-American who has been detained for associating with a suspected terrorist.  The storyline does a fine job of depicting the paranoid mood of New York after the tragic events of 9/11.

My play, directed by Thomas Patrick Clancy, Wise Man, is a fragment of a tale, a slice of life scene in the basement of a ritzy Park Avenue building, about Boris, an older elevator operator (played wonderfully by James M. Ernest) trying to teach the ropes to a young kid, Jerry, who is working as summer relief but has dreams of being a baseball player with the New York Yankees.

Interspersed inbetween those one-acts were three monologue scenes from The Prism, written and directed by Ed Friedman.  These snippets depicted some fascinating and diverse New Yorkers, whose common bond was their reaction to the care of the infirm and how it impacted their lives.  The first was a heartwrenching performance by Danielle Nichole Tyler as Doris, a New York nurse, recording a message to her dad who is living down South.  The second was a brilliant performance by Yosvany Reyes as Ricardo, a doctor on a New York golf course with an elderly mom at home.  The final piece showcased Traci Timmons as Gloria, a stressed out New York waitress, feeling guilty about her responsibility having to care for an ill parent.

There is one more performance of NYC 4x4 on Saturday night, March 26, 2011, 8 p.m., The Bridge Theater at Shetler Studios, 12th Floor, 244 West 54th Street, in Manhattan.  All seats are $12.