Reading More Than Ever Thanks to Kindle

I have always been a bibliophile, collecting books and reading at every opportunity. Ever since I received a Kindle as a gift, I have been reading more than ever. 

The e-reader allows me to carry my book collection everywhere I go.  Now, whenever I learn about a new book, I can download it instantly.  The lower cost of digital books has motivated me to purchase more books and save a ton of money.

With the lighted Kindle cover, I can read in the dark, even when my apartment lost electricity the other night.  With the Kindle's awesome non-glare screen, I can read in bright sunlight.

And did I mention that the battery life is long-lasting? The free Whispernet Wi-Fi makes browsing (and some other Web sites) quick and convenient.  You can highlight favorite passages, type in notes, and the built-in dictionary is a marvelous feature.  All add up to an even greater reading experience.

The Kindle is a book-lover's dream.