The Trauma of Switching Smartphones

My Palm Pre served me well, but I dropped it one too many times, cracking its touchscreen and destroying its charger jack so it could no longer juice up its battery, so it finally gasped its last electronic breath.  Since the Palm Pre is being phased out, I had to switch to another smartphone.  My wife already switched recently from her Palm Pixi to an Android, so I followed her lead.  As a technophile, I rely on all my gadgets to make my life easier, so it's only when I'm jarringly detatched from it do I realize how dependant I am on technology.  Smartphones might indeed be getting too smart, but they're a vital tool once you begin relying on them.

Being without a smartphone even for a short time made me experience withdrawal symptoms.  How did I manage to survive not checking my calendar, my email, my blog, my social networks, my RSS feeds?  Luckily I backed up my personal photos and videos, but it was still a hassle transferring them to my new phone (an HTC EVO Shift 4G). 

Now I'm in the "learning curve" phase, figuring out all the functions of my new smartphone, becoming more familiar with the new interface.  I miss certain features from my old Palm Pre -- having all my email accounts (work and personal) and all my calendars (Google and Outlook) merged in one, having access to multiple apps at once, etc.  And it's frustrating trying to reload (and in some cases unable to find) some of my favorite applications.  The Android Market seems fine, but it's taking me a little while to get used to it.

As I had written in 2009, I worry about the vulnerability of technology in an age that depends so much on it.  But we'll get by.  Now I'm off to make sure my address book transferred without a hitch.


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