10 Funny Web Sites

Sometimes, you just need a laugh.  Here are the sites on the Web that usually manage to give me a smile.

Comixed - From Memebase we have this primitive comicstrip in which viral images are repurposed with laugh-out-loud new captions and word balloons.  The humor can be crude and it's often hit or miss, but when it hits, it's outright hilarious.

Cracked - It started out as a rip-off of MAD magazine, but now it's a popular Web site earning well-deserved laughs. 

Failbook - My favorite part of Failblog is this selection of outrageous and ridiculous status updates from Facebook.  Lamebook is also funny, but Failbook is the best.

Funny or Die - This comedy video site was created by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy.  I don't know if they ever topped the "Baby Pearl the Landlord" video that initially made the site famous, but they've kept on trying, with funny results along the way.

iLaugh - There's so much great content here, you will surely find something to make you smile.

JibJab - Who knew animated e-cards could be so sidesplitting?  Their political parodies put them on the map but they have a wide assortment of ha ha stuff to suit all tastes.

The Onion - The best news parody site out there continues to break new ground with ingenious material.

Photoshop Disasters - The name says it all.  Check it out to discover the "ridonkulous" messes that the misuse of image editing software can unleash on the unsuspecting world.

This Is Photobomb - Another Memebase hit, sometimes the stuff in the background is much more eye-catching and humorous.

Totally Looks Like - From the folks who gave us the silly "I Can Has Cheezeburger?" comes this simple but hilarious side-by-side examination of lookalikes and doppelgangers.Who knew that a llama was a deadringer for Leonardo DiCaprio or that Hillary Clinton and Chucky from Child's Play could be twins separated at birth? 

Name some others.  I can always use a good chuckle or two.