Bits and Pieces: More Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm...

Here is another edition of my "Bits and Pieces" column which I started almost two weeks ago to compile tidbits of information that might not warrant a full blog entry, but nevertheless grabbed my interest.

1.  Arnold Schwarzenegger will be transformed into a superhero cartoon in the new show, The Governator.  Other real life people who deserve the animated, fictionalized treatment -- William Shatner, Tim Burton, Britney Spears (with Lindsay Lohan as her sidekick), and of course Charlie Sheen.  Comic book legend Stan Lee is involved in the project.  He already achieved some notoriety by turning Pamela Anderson into a cartoon superhero in Stripperella

2.  Although we have to wait until the fall to see Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated dinosaur TV show Terra Nova, we soon will be able to feast our eyes on Spielberg's less hyped but equally intriguing science fiction series (on TNT), Falling Skies, starring Noah Wyle. It will debut on June 19.  I've posted one of the promotional images above -- it looks like a cross between War of the Worlds and V.  I hope it's great.

3.  At first I thought this was a weak April Fool's joke, but if Variety reports it, then it must be true, no?  Apparently, there are plans to remake Terry Gilliam's classic movie, Time Bandits.  I love that film, and I even thought it would be worthy of a sequel, a la Tron.  But a remake?  I certainly hope they don't botch it up. 

4.  There are so many fairy tale projects in the works, I could probably write dozens of blog entries about them, but suffice it to say that it's making my head explode.  There are a bunch of Peter Pan stories being developed and a string of Snow White adaptations, not to mention variations of the Wizard of Oz.  Personally, if they're all done well, I don't mind.

5.  The casting of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in the upcoming movie adaptation of the bestselling Hunger Games books has received mixed reaction.  She certainly is a wonderful actress, as evidenced by her critically acclaimed performance in Winter's Bone.  But might a younger actress, like Chloe Moretz or Hailee Steinfeld have been a more appropriate choice to play the 16-year-old character?  Moretz is 14 years old, Steinfeld is 15, and Lawrence is 20.  I'm sure Jennifer will be fine in the first film, but will it be tough to play the teenager in the next two sequels?

Discuss among yourselves, or better yet, leave a comment and discuss with me.