More Adaptations I Would Like to See

I've written before about adaptations of books and graphic novels that I would like to see, but an article by Bob Calhoun about "Science Fiction and Horror Stories That Need Adapting" inspired me to think of others.  So here's my list.

Time Enough For Love by Robert A. Heinlein -- Some argue that this novel is too dull and some criticize it for being hopelessly dated, but I think it would make a really interesting movie or mini-series.  Part of a series of stories about the seemingly immortal Lazarus Long, this particular one is my favorite.  In it, Lazarus is suicidal and tells stories of his millennia-long, planet-hopping life.  It's a complex work with many thought-provoking (and some controversial) ideas.  Although many fans prefer Heinlein's Future History series or his World as Myth saga, I lean toward this.  In the right hands, it would make a great sci-fi show.

Magic Kingdom For Sale -- Sold! by Terry Brooks -- Yes, Brook's Shannara series is much more famous, but let's face it, it's pretty much a Lord of the Rings rip-off.  His Landover saga, on the other hand, is something a little different, and for me at least, much more compelling.  It's about a depressed lawyer named Ben Holiday who finds himself in a fantasy world full of magic, danger, and wonderous characters. 

Perdido Street Station by China Mieville -- All of Mieville's novels, novellas, and shortstories are excellent, but this one in particular still resonates with its magic and steampunk technology. I would love to see Guillermo del Toro or Tim Burton take a stab at directing a movie version.

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury -- Not your typical fantasy or science fiction tale, this is a tender story of growing up.  As Bradbury's site describes it, the story is a "priceless distillation of all that is eternal about boyhood and summer." If any filmmaker could bring Bradbury's incredible words to life, I wish they would.

Mefisto in Onyx by Harlan Ellison -- Any of Ellison's tales would be great to see on the silver screen, but this one could be really interesting, dealing with a psychic getting into the mind of a psychopath on death row.  Publishers Weekly writes, "Ellison's in-your-face story about telepathy and a serial killer is his most substantial piece in years."  Is Samuel L. Jackson too old for the lead role of Rudy Pairis?

Otherland by Tad Williams -- The multi-part sci-fi book series about adventures in a deadly cyber reality is tailor-made for a television series.  Great characters, amazing ideas, the story is open-ended enough to allow any film-maker or TV producer to stretch his or her imagination in any direction he or she chooses. 

If you have any favorites that deserve to be made into movies or television series that are not on this list, please let me know.