Neil Gaiman's American Gods Coming to HBO

As I eagerly await HBO's epic series A Game of Thrones, the good news is spreading that another fantasy book series might be coming to television -- Neil Gaiman's American Gods.  Check out the scoop on Nikki Finke's Deadline.

Gaiman's novel about old deities versus new ones seems like a perfect idea for a TV series.  Readers of my blog have expressed their wish to see the story brought to life, and I also listed it as one of the adaptations I would like to see.  Now that it seems to be heading toward reality, let's hope that the end result lives up to everyone's standards and expectations.

Tom Hanks will be one of the producers, and his track record for television productions is pretty solid: From the Earth to the Moon, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Big Love, and the upcoming Game Change.

HBO, obviously, is a giant when it comes to original content.  It is also developing an adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome among other projects.  A TV version definitely opens up the doors to take the premise in interesting directions.  A feature film might have been fine for a straight retelling of the book's story, but HBO will hopefully build upon its foundation and elevate to even greater heights.