Reading the Multiple Volumes of My Dream Journal

It has been about four years since I started keeping a dream journal and it has been a great exercise for me, helping me remember my dreams.  I've gone through multiple volumes now, and every once in a while I flip through them.  Some dreams I still vividly recall while others are lost through the fog of time.  Luckily I've written them down. 

Reviewing my entries now, it's fascinating to see the repetitive themes that have cropped up over and over.  It is no surprise that I dream often about my family, my job, acting, my neighborhood, and other familiar things in my life.  Yet, it's interesting to notice certain topics coming up in my nighttime visions again and again, like being on a tropical resort or visiting the old church my family and I used to go to at Park Avenue in the Bronx or being a student in class and waiting for our teacher who never shows up.

Some dreams are really entertaining and full of adventure.  The stories and characters have inspired me to expand them into screenplays or stageplays or shortstories.  Funny, isn't it, to get inspiration from your own subconscious?  Without a dream journal, those tidbits and fragments would be quickly forgotten in the waking hours. 

If you don't keep a journal, give it a try.  You might find it as useful as I do.


The_Lex said…
A dream about an evil mud man dictator living under his city was what got me into writing science fiction when I was a teenager! Been awhile sincw I've had a crazy dream like that, though.