So Many Movies, So Little Time

On Tuesday night, I went to see Cactus Flower at the Westside Theatre.  It was a revival of the Broadway play (based on a French farce) that originally starred Lauren Bacall.  It was adapted into a movie with Goldie Hawn, Walter Matthau, and Ingrid Bergman.  (Hawn won an Academy Award for her part.)  The show was a nice diversion for a few hours, the highlight being the performance by the delightful Jenni Barber who really brought a lot to the role of Toni.  It made me want to see the Cactus Flower movie, and maybe even the recent remake Just Go With It starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Brooklyn Decker.  There are so many movies out there, both new releases and classics, worth seeing and so little time to view them all.

Our leisure time is so precious, we need to budget it to fit in all the obligations in life and have some hours left over to engage in the fun activities that bring extra joy to our busy days and nights.  I have a long list of films and TV shows waiting to be seen on my DVR.  I have a bunch of flicks in mind that my friends have recommended, just waiting for the opportunity to finally experience them firsthand and judge for myself. 

One of my students wrote a blog entry about movies that she loves to watch whenever they air on television.  Most of them I've seen, but I still haven't viewed a couple: Knocked Up and One Fine Day.  In a previous post, she had also praised the film Catfish.  Some of my other friends raved about the motion picture Pineapple Express and others.  I'll hopefully find the time to see them all.

When people I know and trust go out of their way to recommend a film, I am rarely disappointed, so I do my best to hunt those movies down and make time for them.

There are just too many films in cinema history to view them all, but that's no excuse not to keep trying to squeeze in as many as possible in our precious free time.