The Joy of Spoiler-Free Movie-Watching

I went to see Source Code with my wife last week and I really enjoyed it.  All I knew about it going in was that it was a film by director Duncan Jones who also gave us the cult hit Moon and that it starred the always interesting Jake Gyllenhaal.  I had heard that it was a science fiction flick, but that was all I knew.  I went into it not knowing anything about the plot, and that was likely the primary reason why I loved it so much. 

Source Code is the kind of movie that works best when audiences view it without any preconceptions.  Just sit back and enjoy as the tale unfolds, every plot twist fresh and unexpected.  I don't think you need to be a sci-fi fan to appreciate this film, but it certainly is an excellent example of the genre, full of thought provoking ideas that will keep you talking long after the movie is done. 

I have previously expressed my thoughts on spoilers, the awful trend of giving away (or seeking) plot points before a film is seen in its entirety.  Isn't it better to see The Empire Strikes Back or The Sixth Sense without knowing the big twists beforehand?  Isn't part of the joy of cinema the act of discovery as the filmmaker works his or her magic as a storyteller, laying out what happens in hopefully dramatic and entertaining fashion?

Without giving anything away, Source Code works best when a moviegoer experiences it untainted by any prior knowledge of what is about to take place.  You just see and hear what happens to Jake's character and you learn everything as he does.  Like Memento, Identity, Pulp Fiction, or countless other motion pictures, it is best to just enter the theater and let the movie unfold. 

How do you spread the word then to help promote the flick without giving any spoilers away?  How do you convince people to give this movie a chance and to go in without knowing anything about it in advance?  Hopefully word of mouth will be enough to get more people to give this excellent film a chance.


Jennifer Sloan said…
Wow... your post about Source Code is intriguing. It makes me want to look it up online and find out what it's about. haha.
Nick said…
Jennifer, just ask Juliana. She can never keep a secret. :)