Remembering the Greatest Sports Cartoonist of All Time

Bill Gallo, the legendary sports columnist and cartoonist, has passed away.  Has there ever been a greater illustrator blending humor with sports?  Yes, some might mention Willard Mullin or the more contemporary Drew Litton, but in my mind Gallo was head and shoulders above them all.

I remember looking forward to his caricatures of George Steinbrenner -- General Von Steingrabber -- and the misadventures of Yuchie and Basement Bertha.  Gallo could be both hilarious, mocking the goats whose flubs in big games would live in infamy, and heartwarming, perfectly paying tribute to legendary sports figures who died. 

The pages of the New York Daily News will no longer be the same.  There are other talented cartoonists out there, but Gallo gave us over 50 years of incomparable artwork and sports commentary as only he could do it.  He will be missed.