Rest in Peace, Jackie Cooper

Actor Jackie Cooper has passed away at the age of 88.  Child actors are supposed to be cursed, but he was the ultimate example that they can also have amazing lifelong careers.  Cooper was a hard working, classy guy, from his young days as one of the Little Rascals on Our Gang to his memorable performance as Perry White in the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. 

What an incredible, inspirational career he had, starting out with roles like Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island and Dink in The Champ, and performing seemingly non-stop for decades.

He showed incredible range from spot-on comedy to tearjerking drama.  He aged with grace, playing good roles on countless shows on television and in the movies. 

His like will rarely if ever be seen again. He is the model that all child actors should dream to emulate. May he rest in peace.