Nostalgic About Mello Yello

One of my vices is sugary beverages.  I was reading about Coca-Cola's retro-campaign for its revival of Mello Yello, a cult-favorite soft drink, and it made me nostalgic -- it used to be one of my favorites when I was a kid.  Yes, I know that beverages with high fructose corn syrup are bad news, but they taste so darn good, and I don't drink coffee so I often depend on Snapple or Arizona Iced Tea for my boost on a sluggish day.  Mountain Dew, the best known citrus flavored drink, is another choice, but Mello Yello is dearly missed. 

I still can't find it in New York, but apparently there are a bunch of flavors now -- the original of course, plus Cherry, Melon, and "Afterglow" (which I believe might be peach flavored).

Click here to see a Mello Yello commercial from 1980.

And click here to see Jim Varney as his classic Ernest character choosing between Mello Yello and Mountain Dew.


Anonymous said…
So they taste so good? Go without them for about two months, then try to sip one--the chemicals will be obvious to the taste buds.
Try organic tea, with a touch of stevia at first, to get over the addiction to soft drinks. Soft drinks are engineered to cause addiction.
Good luck.
Nick said…
Yes indeed, they are addictive. I did give them up once and definitely went through withdrawal. I've cut back and don't drink soda as much as I used too -- but they still taste good. :)