Our Favorite Parts of the Bronx Zoo

As members of the Bronx Zoo, and living so close to it, my family and I enjoy visiting it as often as we can.  My little girl is only two years old, but she makes it obvious that she wants to see the "animals" (as she calls the zoo).  We went again today and had a wonderful time as usual, visiting some of our favorite places.

We completely enjoyed "Dora and Diego's 4-D Adventure."  My two-year-old daughter couldn't stop mentioning Dora the Explorer the rest of the afternoon.  She also loved following a turkey back and forth in the Children's Zoo.

My wife's favorite place is Tiger Mountain and mine is the Congo Gorilla Forest.  We also totally love the Sea Lions and the Bears.  My nephews were big fans of the Reptile House before that escaped cobra made a name for herself. 

If you haven't been to the Bronx Zoo, what are you waiting for?  Check out the Madagasgar! exhibit, check out the World of Birds, check out the Wild Asia Monorail.  Find your own favorite part, or more likely, your many favorite parts.