Video Chatting Is Finally Going Mainstream

For the young ones among us who have grown up with webcams, video chatting is as common as phonecalls used to be for previous generations.  The technology has been with us for a while to start making those sci-fi predictions of face-to-face conversations over long distances a reality.  Yet, I'm still waiting for video chatting to become a mainstream success.  Now, with Skype continuing to grow in popularity, partnering with Facebook to bring the video chat service to the social network, and with the new Google + promising group video chat, the time seems ripe for the world to embrace the tech, maybe replacing old-fashioned landlines once and for all.

Talking face-to-face via computers, mobile devices, tablets, and television screens is the next big growth industry.  Video conference calls will be commonplace for everyone, not just big corporate board rooms.  Kids have been video chatting for years, and it's time for the rest of us to catch up.

I'm surprised it has taken so long to catch on beyond the technophile adults and tech-savvy youth.  I believe the old grannies and the anti-electronic-gizmo crowds are ready to jump on the video chat bandwagon and realize how easy it is. 

Video chatting is ready for the big time.  Gamers and teens might think, "What's the big deal?" but this is the moment for a sea change in mainstream communication, beyond voice-only or text-only.  Chatting electronically with anyone anywhere and being able to see them on a screen, without having to pay a fortune, opens up so many possibilities in business, leisure, entertainment, diplomacy, education, and more.  In the future, people will look back at the dark ages before video chatting became widespread and wonder how anyone communicated without it.