The Best Pop Culture Blogs

If you are a faithful reader of my daily City of Kik blog, you likely share my taste (or some might say lack of taste) for popular culture.  Hence, you might enjoy these other blogs out there, some of my favorites that cover the wide world of entertainment.  Pay no attention to the critics who poo-poo pop culture!  Put your guilt aside and embrace news and commentary about movies, television, science fiction, comics, and other escapist fare!

Heat Vision -- The Hollywood Reporter has become a must-read, both its weekly print edition and its online content.  Its greatest feature is the Heat Vision blog by Borys Kit, covering (if I may quote its mission statement) "what's hot in the fanboy world of entertainment, from blockbuster films to the comic books that inspire them."

Hero Complex -- Brought to us by the Los Angeles Times, this covers all the genre news that matters to geeks like me.  Nicely presented by the guiding hand of Geoff Boucher and a string of equally talented and passionate contributors, it's loaded with fun-to-read information.

PopWatch -- Entertainment Weekly is one of my favorite magazines, and it's Web site is a great online destination, but by far the best is its PopWatch blog.  With multiple entries a day, do yourself a favor and subscribe to their free RSS feed to make sure you don't miss out on their late-breaking news reports or fun analysis of what's happening.

Blastr-- It used to be called Sci-Fi Wire, but don't let its stupid new name fool you.  It's still a great source of info about the world of science fiction and fantasy entertainment.  Owned by Syfy (formally the Sci-Fi Channel) it has survived for years, and hopefully will continue to do so, despite obvious corporate influence.  Sometimes, marketing suits shouldn't mess with something that isn't broken.

Splash Page -- The coolest thing about MTV is their Splash Page blog.  There, I've said it.  It covers comics, it covers movies based on comics, it covers comics based on movies, it covers cartoons based on movies based on comics.  You get the idea.  It's awesome.

I would also have listed Cinematical, but sadly it has not produced any new content since April.  It died a sad death after it was acquired by Moviefone.  If you notice, all the blogs I mentioned above are entities of larger media.  They should all heed the lesson of Cinematical and strive to maintain their independent voices and visions if they wish to survive.  We miss you, Cinematical, but your passing will serve as a warning to other pop culture blogs that hopefully will not make the same mistake.