The Future of Media

Earlier today, I "tuned in" to a presentation called "The Future of Media," offered by Cision.  The tagline was "60 minutes, 30 thought leaders, 15 questions, one new view of Public Relations." 

It didn't start on time, some thought maybe due to the East Coast earthquake.  We were informed via the Twitter feed that there were some tech issues, but that it would start soon. That prompted me to joke that the future of media would be delayed by technical difficulties, how ironic. 

A few minutes later the presentation began -- a slide show with sound bites from various experts in the field, focusing on the changes in the media landscape and its impact on communication, mainly how social media is reinforcing key public relations rules about engaging audiences and delivering stories, but also altering traditional passive marketing tactics. Some listeners in the audience, myself included, commented that the format of the presentation (a one-way broadcast rather than a true interactive experience between the presenters and the public) was a missed opportunity.  Nevertheless, many good points were made. 

The questions raised were:

Traditional silos of paid, earned, and owned media are now integrated.  What is the new marketing mix?

If paid media isn't dying, how has it evolved?

Is earned media playing a larger role in the new mix?

What does it mean that every company is its own publisher?

How does owned content mesh with paid and earned?

How much are we really listening to the customer?

How has social media changed our concept of paid advertising?

How has social media changed our ability to generate earned media?

How credible is social media that's owned by corporate marketers?

How is the role of earned media evolving?

What do PR people know that other marketers don't?

What do marketers know that PR people don't?

What do journalists understand that PR people and marketers don't?

How can people responsible for PR, advertising, and owned content collaborate?

How do we measure return-on-investment in the era of radical integration?

Some of the take-away points were:

"News no longer breaks, it Tweets."

"Social media is the new elevator pitch."

"Companies need communicators who can find, build, and share stories."

"Paid media allows you to be discovered.  Social media expands your reach."

"You can only get so far with paid media.  Earned media has to be part of the equation from the start."

"In order to be truly social, it requires listening, gathering intelligence, and earning empathy."

"It goes beyond building relationships with the press, you have to build relationships with the public."

"Avoid journo-spam in lieu of relationships and conversations."

And my favorite: "Everyone is now a publisher, especially when an earthquake happens."

The presentation is now archived and can be downloaded here.  Register to receive access to the slideshow and a copy of the transcript.