The Stories of Peter David

From comic books to movie novelizations to franchise spin-offs to original novels, one of the hardest working writers out there is Peter David.  I became a fan during his fantastic work on The Incredible Hulk comics -- instead of just dishing out cliched storylines, he really revitalized the character, delving into the psychological foundation of the Banner-Hulk character, even justifying the many changes in the green hero's personality and appearance since his creation. 

Other comic work by Peter David has included X-Factor, Spider-man, Supergirl, Aquaman (he cut off the superhero's hand and replaced it with a hook!), Young Justice, and a short but excellent run on She-Hulk

He's also best known for his work on Star Trek novels, telling stories from almost every incarnation of the franchise, as well as popular original adventures in the New Frontiers series.

He has authored the novelizations for the Hulk and Spider-man movies, as well as The Rocketeer, Fantastic Four, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  He's collaborated with J. Michael Straczynski on a number of Babylon 5 books.  His original tales are quite entertaining too, including a series about King Arthur in modern times (Knight Life, One Knight Only, and Fall of Knight) and the very humerous Sir Apropos of Nothing saga.

If you're in the mood for some non-fiction, check out his collection of pop-culture essays, But I Digress, which were originally published in Comics Buyers' Guide.

You can keep up with Peter David on his Web site, (subtitled "Writer of Stuff") and on his GoodReads blog.  If they ever decide to make another Hulk movie after The Avengers and the Guillermo del Toro produced TV series, they should seriously consider hiring Peter David as a story consultant.