Happy 50th Anniversary, Back Stage

(The awesome illustration above is by Matt Logan)

The ultimate actor's resource (which many of us still refer to as "the actor's bible"), Back Stage magazine, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  It has come a long way, broadening its brand beyond just its weekly print edition into the digital world -- BackStage.com is a must-visit online destination for any actor and show biz professional, and its Back Stage Espresso blog is a daily fix of vital industry information. 

When I first graduated from college and still had delusions of making a full-time living as a working actor, I depended on Back Stage to lead me in the right direction to find a photographer for my headshots, to give me tips on what to do and what not to do as an aspiring artist in the big city, and to inform me of all the auditions taking place out there.  It's how I landed my first paying gigs -- mostly industrial jobs, but also some fun background work for Carlito's Way and, of course, Law and Order

Now that I've settled into a day job and only pursue acting as a side passion, I still subscribe to Back Stage, which is as vital a tool as ever.  Theater companies and independent film companies that I've worked for still use it to seek out actors for roles in their productions.  Its annual Actorfest convention is a favorite event of mine -- a great opportunity to learn new things and make new contacts. 

Editor-in-Chief Jamie Young writes, "I hope Back Stage remains a relevant resource for you for as long as you're pursuing your craft. Here's to another 50 years!"

To which I'll add, not just 50, but a hundred and more!  Acting has been around for ages and whatever the medium, whether film, television, online, or the traditional live theater, I'm sure there will always be a place for it.  I know Back Stage will be right there with it to guide young and experienced actors alike on their creative and professional journeys.