Listening to the Music of D-$tar

Technology has enabled individuals to create amazing albums loaded with music that sounds like it was made by a recording studio full of talented people when in fact it was just their lone, amazing talent on display.  I'm thinking about artists like Trent Reznor, Adam Young, and others.  Think of Dave Grohl playing all the instruments on the first Foo Fighters album, for example.  I am not exaggerating when I say that my friend Damian Carparelli may be on the verge of joining their ranks.  Best known as the founder of D-$tar Entertainment* (his crew is officially called $elf-Made Millionaires), his new album is really a one-man-show.

Justin Timberlake will be proud to hear that D-$tar is using the much-maligned MySpace according to its new mission statement as a home for artists to express their multimedia skills.  Two songs are posted there -- "What I Say," a rocking anthem that fuses a number of genres in a catchy, radio-friendly tune, and "Time to Make the Money," a digital mix of awesomeness.

Listen for yourselves.  You'll never guess that he played all the music, sang all the vocals, and did all the mixing himself (not to mention writing all the songs too). 

* And if you're looking for a really affordable site to legally download a wide selection of mainstream, hip hop, and house music by some of the biggest names in the industry, don't forget to check out D-$tar's Almost Free Music