Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs announced recently that he was stepping down as Chairman of Apple, many of us feared the worst, knowing that he was battling health issues, but I, like many others in the general public, were saddened and shocked to hear that the end came so soon.  His death at the far-too-young age of 56 leaves a void not just at Apple.  His entrepreneurship, his visionary trendsetting leadership, his innovative marketing ability, his aesthetic taste, and his knack for knowing what the masses wanted are all elements that will be near impossible to replace in one person.

When I think of Steve Jobs and his impact, I recall the commercial for the introduction of Apple's game-changing Macintosh home computer.  The George Orwellian 1984 symbolism wasn't exaggeration.  The Mac really did revolutionize the world and laid the groundwork for our current New Media landscape.

Steve Jobs will be missed not just because of what he contributed to technology, but for transcending the specific business he helped pioneer and inspiring people around the globe in all walks of life.  May he rest in peace.