Guest Post: Another Look at The Walking Dead

I reviewed The Walking Dead when it first debuted.  Now, here's another point-of-view (with some spoilers) from my friend Robert:

"Hello all! Robert here!

I am now three episodes into Season Two of The Walking Dead. I always wait three episodes before providing feedback. Well, now that the third episode aired last night, here goes.

1. Not enough zombies. Over the past two episodes of 120 minutes, the zombies got maybe 15 minutes of air time. Two episodes ago, they appeared only in the last five minutes of the episode. For the last episode, their air time was for possibly 10 minutes. And although the ending last night was cool, the title of this series is The Walking Dead for a reason. We want more zombies.

2. Outlandish storylines. Okay, so the little boy is sick and if the magic medicine does not come in time, the boy will die. Only twist is, the doctor is a veterenarian. Against all odds, the medicine arrives at the last minute, and the animal doctor saves the boy's life. Are you kidding me? THIS is originality? Can we get away from these ridiculous storylines, and get back to zombies, zombies, and even more zombies?

3. Zombies are misunderstood. You know what? I am rooting for the zombies. Think about it. The zombies are perfectly content living in the city. It is the humans who keep invading their space (not the other way around). Think about it this way. Let's say you had a gun and someone broke into your house. What would you do? That's right, shoot the trespasser. Now, you would not feel sorry for the poor criminal, would you? Of course not. Now, let's look at this from the zombie's point of view. In this season, have any zombies stalked humans? No. It is always the humans who go to the zombies. Which is pretty stupid. Look, here's a good rule of thumb. If you have a city that is infested with zombies, DON'T GO TO THE CITY. This is Atlanta we are talking about. It's not exactly New York City. Sure, Atlanta is the home of Coca Cola, but really, how badly do people want to drink Coke anyway? Drink Pepsi. It's home operations is not set in Atlanta, and can you really tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi? Even if you could, and you like Coke better, is it worth dying for? Pepsi should change their slogan to "Pepsi: The Choice of a New Zombie-Free Generation.""

There you have it.