Serious News vs. Fluff

I was having a discussion about the Penn State scandal with some friends and one of my buddies suggested that it would make a good topic for my City of Kik blog.  I cringed at the thought.  He tried to convince me that every other media outlet seemed to be weighing in on it, so why not mine?  I told him I would think about it, but it's a subject that shook me up and I would likely regret some of the vitriolic words that would spew from my mind attacking those who turned a blind eye to such monstrous acts as those in power to do something about it completely failed, morally and maybe even criminally.  What more can I possibly add to the discourse? 

The question has come up before about what my blog is really all about.  Is it just fluff, the silly day-to-day entertainment news that doesn't add up to much in the greater scheme of things?  Shouldn't I also be writing more serious entries about politics, religion, and social ills? I've written before defending pop culture as a worthy theme for study and analysis.  I have also occasionally stepped beyond the frivolous and written about topics that some might find boring yet I considered to be important and worthy of conversation, such as net neutrality or our over-dependence on vulnerable technology, so I do write about more than just the bells and whistles.

I have admitted before, though, that I'm always open to new ideas.  If there are current event themes that you, my readers, feel I should be examining, let me know.  You can share your ideas in the comments section of any post, shoot me an email, or reach out to me via any of the social media where you can find me.  Until then, I'll keep writing every day about the topics in entertainment and media that grab my attention.  If there are more serious issues related to the wide world of entertainment, media, and pop culture, I'll leak my opinions here or there if I feel I have something more to add, otherwise I will leave it to others to grace us with their commentary.