When Cartoons Are Better Than Their Inspiration

Sometimes, a cartoon reboot can be better than its live-action predecessor. Take for example the new Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Sure, the computer generated animation is pretty weak, but after the critical and box-office failure of the Ryan Reynolds-starring motion picture, I don’t blame Warner Bros. for pinching pennies. Still, the storyline and characterization are a hundred times better in the new cartoon than in the movie.

Next up, consider Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While the original trilogy still holds a cherished place in my memory, the saga’s heart continues beating after the drubbing of the prequels thanks to this ambitious cartoon series. While I enjoyed the style, pace, and plotting of the shorter mini-episodes created by Genndy Tartakovsky, the new series is suitably epic.  I often wonder if the live-action prequels would have worked better if they followed an abbreviated version of the cartoon’s storyline.

Finally, take a look at the brand new ThunderCats. The original show was a cheesy effort to sell action-figures, even though it still had its campy charms. The new version is much more ambitious, with a mythic foundation that surpasses any of the simplistic adventures of yesteryear.

Next time Hollywood wants to remake an existing franchise, maybe they might consider hiring some of these animators to take a stab at it first.


David said…
I agree. And some of the Batman animation out there is much better than the Batman movies in the 80's.
Nick said…
Very true about Batman.