Who Is The Fastest Superhero?

The New York City Marathon took place on Sunday and my geek brain started thinking of that childhood question, "In a foot race between Superman and the Flash, who would win?"  I've been having such debates recently with my young nephews who are currently in a Marvel phase, so they would find a way to claim that Iron Man might find a way to beat any other superhero, but longtime comic book fans know that the fastest heroes of them all are definitely Superman and the Flash.

Yes, there are other super-fast characters in comicdom, but the iconic speedsters are absolutely the Flash and Superman.  There have been multiple stories in which they raced to see who is faster.  Hypborea.org chronicles them all. 

The answers of course has to be the Flash (take your pick which one, but I would choose the Silver Age version, Barry Allen).  Yes, classic Superman is fast enough to turn back time, but the rebooted version in DC's New 52 has been powered down so that vindicates the Flash as the fastest superhero even more.

Now that we've resolved that, I need to help my nephews answer the question of who the strongest superhero of all time is -- and the answer of course is the Hulk.  Carry on.


Anonymous said…
Didn't Superman kick the Hulk's ass? And Batman kicked Superman's ass. Therefore Batman is the strongest.
Nick said…
The Hulk gets stronger the angrier he becomes, so when Superman beat him, the Hulk wasn't at his optimal savage mode. Superman lucked out and caught him on a "good" day.

As for Batman beating Superman, Batman is SMARTER, but not stronger. Brains always outwit brawn, which is why Lex Luthor is such a formidable foe.
Anonymous said…
I would say the flash again.. he can vibrate an infinite mass punch inside of someones skull making them implode before they could even blink.