A Day Trip to Philly

Being the nice husband and cool dad that I am, I went with my wife and baby girl to Philadelphia on Wednesday, driving in the pouring rain from New York City to meet up with some friends at a children's museum in the City of Brotherly Love.  What can I say?  I adore my family and like to make them happy.  I made it back in time to teach my final class of the semester.  Sometimes, I impress even myself.

All kidding aside, Philly has some cool stuff.  Next time we'll have to stay longer.  We went to the Please Touch Museum (an awkward name for a kids' museum in this day and age, but it refers to a commendable mission of engaging all the senses of a child through some excellent displays and exhibitions -- a museum that actually encourages its patrons to interact with its collections). 

The museum building is grand and the sights are spectacular.  My favorite was the Alice in Wonderland themed section, but there plenty of other attractions to keep the attention of the little ones, while grown-ups could have a fun time too -- River Adventures, Flight Fantasy, Rainforest Rhythm, and more.  My daughter loved the full-sized fully-refurbished Dentzel Carousel, which original resided in Woodside Park.

If you have kids and happen to be in the Philadelphia area, check it out.  You'll have a great time.