Guest Post: The Mad Blogger Still Hates Angry Birds

When my friend Robert (also known as the Mad Blogger) posted his mini-reviews of iPad games, he went so far as to criticize one of the most popular apps of our time -- "Angry Birds."  It caused a furor from the game's devoted fans.  I have never played the game (although the description reminds me a lot of PlayStation3's "Pain," which I think is a silly but very enjoyable distraction).  I hereby turn over the megaphone to the Mad Blogger once again so he can defend his controversial opinion.

"I am going to confess (once again) something to you that may cause you to put your fist through the computer screen.

I hate Angry Birds.

I believe a law was passed recently in 49 of our 50 states (sorry, Tennessee) that everyone MUST love Angry Birds. And yes, I've seen people wear Angry Birds T-shirts and look at you funny if you do not say that Angry Birds is the greatest game since Pong.

I know that makes me a rebel, if you will, a person whom Ray Bradbury had in mind when he wrote Farenheit 451, but then again, I am not called The Mad Blogger for nothing.

I downloaded the free Trial version on my iPad, and after hearing the hype (don't believe it, by the way), your job is to punish these birds because they are angry by placing them in a slingshot and casting them in the direction of condemned buildings and other fragile structures.

Does P.E.T.A. have anything to say about this? Also, how decrepit are these structures if a mere bird can cause them to tumble?

Well, you can see why these birds are angry. You would be too if your job was to be hurled against a solid structure for purely entertainment reasons.

Anyway, if you knock over enough buildings, you go on to the next level, where you then have to cast even more birds, who are, by now, furious, into more buildings, and so on.

I don't get it. I like Lemmings, but there, you were in charge of enabling the little green guys from escaping. And you had different Lemmings with different roles, like the Smurfs. To me, that requires strategy. Here, you're just throwing birds at buildings. It gets boring after a while.

And so, I say this, and please don't hate the player, hate the game, but I say that I hate Angry Birds.

The Mad Blogger has spoken."

I always aim to present a balanced picture, so I welcome any die-hard "Angry Birds" fans to step up and stick up for their maligned game.  The forum is yours.