The Many Faces of Scrooge

When I wrote that the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol was my favorite adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic, many agreed with me and many named other versions that they thought were even better.  Alastair Sim was the top choice, but there were plenty of others too, so now, two years later, I have decided to list as many "faces" of Ebenezer Scrooge as I can.  Here we go...

Tom Ricketts - 1908's silent movie A Christmas Carol, produced by Essanay Studios

Marc McDermott - 1910's short silent movie A Christmas Carol, produced by Edison

Seymour Hicks - played Scrooge twice, in the 1913 British silent film that was released in the U.S. in 1926 as Old Scrooge...

...and again in 1935 British film, Scrooge, one of the first sound movie versions of the story.

Lionel Barrymore - on the radio throughout the 1930s and 1940s

Reginald Owen - MGM's 1938 movie, directed by Edwin L. Marin

Alastair Sim - the 1951 classic by United Artists, but he also played the character again... the voice of Scrooge in the 1971 ABC cartoon.

Jim Backus - as the voice of Quincy Magoo in Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol in 1962.

Albert Finney - 1970's musical film Scrooge

Rich Little - as W.C. Fields playing Scrooge in 1978's Rich Little's Christmas Carol

Walter Matthau - as the voice in 1978's The Stingiest Man in Town

Henry Winkler - in 1979's An American Christmas Carol

Alan Young - as Scrooge McDuck in 1983's Mickey's Christmas Carol

George C. Scott - in the greatest version of them all in 1984 on CBS

Bill Murray - 1988's Scrooged

Rowan Atkinson - 1988's Blackadder's Chrstmas Carol

Michael Caine - 1992's The Muppet Christmas Carol

Henry Corden - as Fred Flinstone in 1994's A Flintstones Christmas Carol

Susan Lucci - as Elizabeth "Ebbie" Scrooge in 1995's Ebbie

Tim Curry - in the 1997 cartoon

Patrick Stewart - in 1999's TV adaptation of his stage performance

Vanessa Williams - as Ebony Scrooge in 2000's A Diva's Christmas Carol

Tori Spelling - as "Scroogette" Carol Cartman in 2003's A Carol Christmas

Kelsey Grammer - Hallmark's A Christmas Carol in 2004, which aired on NBC

Joe Alskey - as Daffy Duck in 2006's Bah Humduck: A Looney Tunes Christmas

Morwenna Banks - as Barbie in 2008's Barbie in A Christmas Carol

Jim Carrey - in the 2009 3-D animated Disney movie

Think that's a lot?  There are so many others -- Rupert Julian (1916), Russell Thorndike (1923), Orson Welles (on the radio in 1939), John Carradine (1947), Malcolm Keen (1947), Taylor Holmes (1949), Bransby Williams (1950), Fredric March (1954), Basil Rathbone (recordings in 1956 and 1958), Stan Freberg (in 1958's Green Chri$tma$), Cyril Ritchard(1964), Wilfred Brambell (1966), Sid James (1969), Marcel Marceau (1973), Michael Hordern (1977), Hoyt Axton (1979), Robert Guillaume (1986), Jeffrey Sanzel (on stage in 1992), James Earle Jones (1994), Cicely Tyson (1997), Jack Palance (1997), Ross Kemp (2000), Dean Jones (2001), Bill Bourne (2006), Helen Fraser (2006), and Catherine Tate (2009).

Okay, let me have it -- which ones did I miss?