American Horror Story's Big Gamble

American Horror Story had an amazing first season and quickly earned its place on my list of the best horror television series of all time. The plan for season two, however, is a big risk.  Rather than continue with the same characters that fans have embraced, rather than continue in the same haunted house, rather than continue the storyline that gripped audiences and generated enormous ratings, American Horror Story will feature a whole new setting, all new characters, and a brand new plot.

It's a daring move.  I was looking forward to learning more about that spooky house, seeing more of Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Alexandra Breckenridge, and the spectacular Jessica Lange. Instead, we'll be back to square one with a different house, different paranormal frightmares, different mysteries that will unfold during the new season.

I remember a show called Murder One that was supposed to tell a different season-long story each year, but it was cancelled quickly, never making it to season two.  Even that, however, would have carried over the same cast.

If ratings drop for American Horror Story, I'm sure they'll return to the devilish L.A. mansion that was such an important character itself.  They'll find a way to bring back or reference some iconic moments from the first season, like the freaky Rubber Man.  Until then, enjoy Season One on DVD or Blu-Ray as a brilliant stand-alone series and keep your fingers crossed, hoping for the best in the new stories to come.