Green Arrow Drama Coming to TV

The CW is still trying to find another super-successful show to recapture the ratings gold of its decade-long hit Smallville. It might take a chance on Green ArrowDeadline Hollywood reports that the tiny network is close to ordering a pilot for the sharpshooting emerald-clad crimefighter.  The CW currently has a lineup of Supernatural, Ringer, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Nikita, America's Next Top Model, One Tree Hill, Hart of Dixie, and 90210.  It can use a blockbuster that can attract a broader demographic range of viewers, as Smallville did.

But what version of Green Arrow will the CW show give us?  It will allegedly be called simply Arrow and not be bound by the comic book.  The character also appeared (and was very popular) on Smallville, but apparently this won't be a spin-off, despite some fans hoping to see actor Justin Hartley reprise the role. It won't be associated in anyway with the Green Arrow script Super Max that has generated some buzz over the years, but never made it to the silver screen. It will be a brand new depiction of the bow-and-arrow-wielding hero.

Green Arrow isn't one of the top superheroes in DC Entertainment's roster compared to some of its other superstars, but he has a loyal fan following nonetheless.  He's changed over the years, starting out as a conservative-type multi-millionaire using his riches to battle evil via an assortment of inventive gadgets. He even had a sidekick named Speedy.  Yes, he had many similarities to Batman, but never reached his storytelling potential until the writers made him lose his fortune and become a liberal blowhard. The best tales were when he was partnered with Green Lantern and there was a wonderful "right vs. left" dynamic as they confronted social issues together, such as racism and drug use.  He even had a great cameo in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, standing up against the future version of Superman who was just a government tool. Will the new show have such high-reaching and exciting storylines, or will it be a watered-down disappointment?

It isn't easy making a superhero TV show.  The CW (when it was the WB before merging with UPN) tried to bring Aquaman to the screen, but failed.  Its shortlived Birds of Prey, featuring a trio of female heroes --Huntress, Oracle, and Black Canary -- was shortlived. Hollywood tried to bring the story of the original Robin to the small screen in a show called The Graysons, but that never happened. Let's not even talk about NBC's recent Wonder Woman fiasco that never lived to see the public light of day (except in a forced plot on Harry's Law where Erica Durance donned the costume from the never-aired pilot).

TV execs, however, aren't giving up on comic book adaptations. In addition to Green Arrow, we also have Deadman, Cloak and Dagger, Powers, and hopefully The Incredible Hulk in the works.

Can the people in charge get it right?  The pessimistic news is that the makers of the recent lackluster Green Lantern movie are spearheading this new version.  The optimistic news is that David Nutter, who directed the awesome Smallville pilot, will probably make the pilot for Arrow, so my fingers are crossed.

I do hope that they stick somewhat to the elements that worked in the comics instead of straying too far.  I don't want to see a kid wearing the mask, I want to see a mature hero -- maybe even cast Josh Holloway who played Sawyer on Lost in the lead, as one of the readers of's article suggested.  I think Oliver Queen can be a great hero on television -- unless they manage to screw it up.