What Kind of Sports Fan Am I?

Baseball is my sport of choice, and the Yankees are the team I'm fanatical about. Yet, Sunday night I was on the edge of my seat rooting for the New York Giants football team and cheering like a psycho when they beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime. I'm a diehard Major League Baseball fan and a casual follower of pretty much all other sports, but when local teams get hot, it grabs my attention and I start investing more of my emotions in their ultimate outcomes.    

I've written before about whether or not that classifies me as a bandwagon-jumper, and it probably does.  If the Jets were going to the Super Bowl, I'd be rooting for them too.  If the New York Knicks (or the soon-to-be Brooklynized Nets) ever make it to the NBA Finals, I'll most likely be cheering them on to victory as well.

When it comes to the Yankees, I'm with them through thick and thin, but other teams and other sports I just follow when it's a good story, when it becomes exciting. Does that make me a frontrunner or am I still allowed to join the real fans during their teams' hot streaks, since I make no pretense about my loyalty? Should I bite my tongue during those pivotal games and not cheer even though I get caught up in the moment? 

Whatever the answer, I hope the Giants can beat the Patriots again during the Big Game in a couple of weeks.  (And I'm still counting the days until the Yankees' Spring Training begins.)