Guest Post: Helmet Head Performing Again!

After a much too long hiatus, my friend's band, Helmet Head, is back! They'll be performing Saturday night (February 4, 2012) at the music club Arlene's Grocery

I now turn over the virtual microphone to their spokesperson who will answer all of your questions:


A number of you have been asking questions about the "Helmet Head" emails you have been receiving. (Others may not even be on the mailing list yet, but your day will come.) I will try to answer them all in one place.

Q: What is "Helmet Head"?

A: Helmet Head is a band. We rock.

Q: What kind of music do you play?

A: We play mostly original compositions. At the end of our set, we play a cover song. It's like dessert after a healthy plateful of green vegetables and pork.

Q: What does your music sound like?

A: We have been compared to bands like Phish, Talking Heads, Cake, Ben Folds, and the Doors. One guy after a show said we sounded like Steely Dan, but I seriously think he was on something. Mostly, we sound like Helmet Head. Only better.

Q: What is Helmet Head's position on the Administration's glacial progress in developing relations with Cuba?

A: Actually we have a song about that.

Q: Does Helmet Head support stripping Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France medals now that a teammate claims he was doping?

A: Funny enough, we have a song about that too.

Q: What's the band's position on cats from outer space that play middle infield?

A: Okay, show-off, you've done your homework.

Q: Where and when is the show?

A: We are playing at Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton Street in Manhattan: The show is this Saturday, Feb. 4. We go on promptly at 10 p.m. They will shut off our power by 10:45.

Q: I live in the safe suburbs, and am afraid of New York City. I am lame. What can I do to enjoy Helmet Head?

A: Most tragic accidents occur within 5 miles of the home. Statistically, the safest thing you can do is come into NYC Saturday to see Helmet Head. Next best option, get in your car, bring your laptop, reset your tripometer, go to a Starbucks 5.1 miles from your house, and check out our tunes at: We go best with a double yo and a mini-donut.

Q: I am cool. I am coming to the show. Can I party with the band?

A: Yes! There is a very good bar at Arlene's next to the room where the bands play. It's soundproofed. We will be pre-rocking and post-rocking there. (Don't even think about staying in the soundproofed bar when Helmet Head is on. We'll find you.)

Q: May I bring friends?

A: Yes!

Q: May I forward your email around?

A: Yes!

Q: Will you write a song about me?

A: We already did, Virginia. We already did.