Student Blogs - Spring 2012

I'm in the middle of another semester teaching "Writing for Online Media" and I'm really enjoying it.  Here's a list of the blog projects created by my very talented and enthusiastic students. Feel free to read them and leave any feedback you might have.

Documenting the teeth-whitening invasion through pop culture, innovative tips and techniques, and its role in everyday life.

Is This Real Life?
The realness and ridiculousness that is reality television. And why we as viewers are attracted to its content.

Fried Squirrels For President
A humorous slant that takes on American politics.

I'll Figure It All Out Eventually
A more sarcastic take on the phrase "You learn something new each day."

Give A Girl Some Glitter
Sharing a love for crafting, DIY projects, inspiration boards and home decor.

How She Sees It
Recording thoughts, opinions, and facts about randomly chosen topics that will all have one thing in common-- they all begin with the letter "S".

Shank Report
Updating you on the happenings of the golf world, with a little hook spin.

Flavors of Fordham
Part cook book, part critique of the many foods available in Fordham's surrounding area.

If Life Hands You Melons, You May Be Dyslexic
A sometimes witty, sometimes random, sometimes personal blog about what I currently define as the facts of [my] life.

**The Literary Rapport**
A look at the connections made with anything literary, which means musings about books, literary events attended, and updates from the publicity intern desk.

The Eleven O'Clock Number
A reflection on anything and everything performance-related, from reviews and gossip of off-off-off-Broadway productions, to finding the best (cheapest) seats in town.

Booting Up
To spread an appreciation of boots with the world.

Analysis and reflections on modern polling data. Not necessarily political, but often so.

Oh, Cool Beans
Bytes of fashion, pop culture, and music with a critical edge

Work Shirts at the Opera
Fashion and aesthetic inspiration

The Pampered Boardgamer
An exploration of board games from all over the world, by an up-and-coming chef who promises not to get his greasy hands on all the cards.

addressing commencement
Not quite ready for that cap and gown.

Whining in the Bronx
To drink...and review...a bottle of wine every week. Delicious.