Will Hunger Games Be Hit or Miss?

Hollywood has been hyping its upcoming movies as always, building buzz and trying to generate frenzied anticipation for the potential blockbusters coming our way. None seem to be marketed more than The Hunger Games.

Based on the bestselling book series by Suzanne Collins, it has the potential to be the next big cinematic thing. Will it live up to expectations or will it fizzle? 

The hype began early as soon as actress Jennifer Lawrence was cast. Entertainment Weekly started publishing teaser images and articles about the production that alleviated the concerns of many of the fans of the novels and sparked the interest of movie buffs still uninitiated to the futuristic world where the "Capitol" holds a deadly annual televised tournament, pitting kids against each other in mortal combat. Above is a picture of the magazine's cover, one of the first publicity stills of Lawrence as the heroine Katniss Everdeen.

Lawrence was dubbed Tinseltown's latest "It Girl" by many, including the Hollywood Reporter. She had already earned attention with her excellence performance in Winter's Bone and did a fine job as a young Mystique in X-Men: First Class, but her headlining in the Hunger Game franchise (and a controversially hot photospread in GQ magazine) put her on the "A List."

Now, Sci-Fi Magazine has graced them on the cover of its latest issue. As the movie's opening date quickly approaches, the hype will surely reach a fever pitch.

Will the film adaptation capture the excitement of the book trilogy?  We'll find out on March 23, 2012.