New Poll: Your Favorite Cliche

It's time once again for a new poll on my City of Kik blog.  The previous question was, "What is your favorite awards show?" The Academy Awards squashed the competition, winning with 77% of the votes.  Second place was "other," some awards ceremony that I didn't name but you all apparently love.  Third place was a tie among the Grammy Awards, the Tony Awards, the Emmy Awards, and the MTV Movie Awards.  In last place was the People's Choice Awards, the Razzies, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  There you have it.

Now on to a more exciting topic -- movie cliches!  Yes, most of them are terrible and we hate seeing them.  They're uncreative and make us roll our eyes in frustration. There are some, however, that we never tire seeing.  Sometimes, we welcome the familiar.  So let me know which cliche is your favorite. The good guy always winning? The unbelievable, never-ending car chase?  The physics-defying hand-to-hand combat sequences? The aliens who look human and speak English? Getting amnesia from a simple bump on the head?  Something else entirely?

Vote and let me know.