Talking Football in March

What's wackier than baseball news in December? How about football news dominating sports talk on the first day of spring? There I was in my car on this balmy March 20th, which felt more like June, flipping radio stations between WFAN and ESPN, hoping to catch some updates on baseball's spring training, and all the commentators kept yapping about was football -- Peyton Manning going to the Denver Broncos, speculation on where Tim Tebow will play, prognosticating on how Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez will do half a year from now! 

I know the NFL dominates sports, and I agree with Mike Lupica when he said today that football is becoming a 12-month story, but it made me laugh hearing about the pigskin game with cherry trees and daffodils blossoming around me. I admit, even though baseball is my sport of choice, I have been dabbling in basketball a bit this time of year. Is it wrong to want to wait until at least August to start thinking about the Giants, the Jets, and all the rest?

"Are you ready for some football?" No! At least not yet. The Major League Baseball season starts in a few short weeks, and hopefully all will be right with the world once again.