What's the Frequency, Blog Readers?

If R.E.M. had not immortalized it in a song in 1994, would anyone remember that bizarre incident in 1986 during which CBS anchor Dan Rather was jumped by an unknown assailant who asked the mysterious question, "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" Who's Kenneth, and what is the frequency? If some shady character assaulted me and asked me the same question, I would answer "Once a day, every day," because I associate frequency with the rate of blog posting.

How frequent a writer should update his or her online journal is a key decision to make. Some choose bi-weekly, others once a week, some multiple times a day, others post irregularly whenever the mood and inspiration strike them. Personally, I've opted for once a day, seven days a week. 

Writing a blog entry every day has its benefits. It keeps my blog showing up consistently highly-ranked in search engine results. It keeps readers coming back for more, knowing that new entries will be on view on a regular basis. The high and steady frequency also adds value to those who subscribe to my blog via Amazon to have it delivered automatically every day to their Kindle e-readers.

The challenge, of course, is coming up with daily content and making sure it lives up to expectations, both mine and that of my audience. Should I slow down the frequency? I'm my own editor, so writing less would force me to be more selective of the topics I write about and give me more time to proofread what I've written.

Posting every day, however, has made me much more comfortable with my writing and has given me the chance to express my point of view on a series of timely subjects. What do you think? I especially would love to hear what some of my fellow bloggers feel about the issue.

So, what's the frequency, readers and writers?


Claire said…
As much as I'm coming out of my shyness, Nick (and this is a completely new experience for me), I blog twice a month at the most. For me, it's a question of wearing out my welcome and I really don't want to do that. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Nick said…
Yes, I'm thinking of reducing my frequency to once a week...Decisions, Decisions!